Cannabis Strains: All You Want To Know About Blue Diesel

Comparing and choosing between cannabis strains can be extremely confusing for many medical cannabis users. If you are in Arizona, you will find licensed dispensaries that have experienced budtenders, who will help you choose the right products for your medical condition, if you don’t have a recommendation already. To help you further, we are reviewing this incredible strain called blue diesel, which is among the popular choices in the US.

The basics

For the unversed, Blue Diesel was created by Jordan of the Islands and is hybrid, which is more indica-dominant. What makes this strain a unique one is how it works on the body. While the Indica effects, such as calmness and relaxation are evident, Blue Diesel doesn’t really have extensive sedative effects. Simply put, you will not feel so hungry or sleepy when you smoke this strain. Blue Diesel also has an incredible long-lasting effect, and despite being an indica dominant strain, this can be used in the daytime. The strain is a cross between Blueberry, which has won many hearts for being a perfect Indica strain, and NYC Diesel, which is a hybrid and leans equally towards indica and sativa.

What to expect?

The buds of this strain often look blue, or dark green. The THC potency of Blue Diesel is also great, somewhere around 22%. As for the aroma and taste, expect the diesel smell, with a touch of pine. The cannabis flavor is extremely high, so don’t expect to be every discreet while smoking. Blue Diesel also works almost immediately, and you can expect this to work like a medicine, when it comes to calming down or feeling relief from pain. For stress, chronic pain, depression, and anxiety, Blue Diesel is just the right strain, but sedative effects are limited, so if you want to use it on a regular basis in the day for immediate effects, it will work. It is more like being in a meditative state without a lot of effort.


If you have been looking for a strain that is Indica dominant, has the same effects, but doesn’t work like a sedative, Blue Diesel is ideal for you. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it, and that doesn’t usually happen because users feel the impact and high almost immediately. In Arizona, you will find some amazing dispensaries that can guide better on Blue Diesel and similar strains, so that you can pick the best.

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