Covering Up an Old Tattoo: Understanding What It Takes

Tattoos often have personal and emotional significance. However, there are various reasons why you may want to get rid of a tattoo that once meant something and was of value. A tattoo cover-up can be a great solution and a relief if you are considering lighting a tattoo. Tattoo cover-ups, in some cases, can end up looking worse than the original, if not done right. Tattoos don’t need to be forever; however, there are some essential things you must know.  Keep reading to know some things in terms of choosing a tattoo cover-up:

Importance of Lighting the Tattoo

If you choose to put one color tattoo ink over an old tattoo, it will only add a new color the old instead of covering it up. Although the cover-up may seem to cover the old ink, it will bleed through the as the new ink starts to set in the old tattoo in a few weeks. The darker the original tattoo, the more it will show through the new one. This makes it important to light the old tattoo first before covering it up with a new one.

Using Good Color Theory

A tattoo is dark because of the ink’s color and the amount of the ink used or its density. Amateur artists are heavy-handed or use plenty of ink to get the effects they want. However, more experienced artists know the requirements and can use less ink to achieve their desired results. Darker colors such as dark blue and black will show through the tattoo more than lighter colors such as white or yellow. But, if the artist uses light color; however, use lots of it, even a light color can produce a strong effect on a cover-up.

Moreover, the original tattoo’s age also matters. Over time, tattoos fade as the ink slowly breaks down and eliminated by the body. Bright and light colors such as yellow and red break down faster than darker ones. Exposure to the sun can also cause a tattoo to break down faster.

Choosing the Right Design

It is imperative to pick a cover-up artist who is a good designer. They should be able to make a design that will incorporate the old tattoo’s hard lines into the new design, ensuring the old one won’t be visible. A skilled tattoo designer will look for ways to create a new and pleasing design that incorporates all existing lines, including long straight lines and lettering. They will fade the hard and dark lines using laser tattoo removal before doing the cover-up. They often work in a reputable tattoo removal clinic.

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