Few Things That You Must Know About Enhanced Strains of Kratom

People have been using kratom for centuries because of a number of benefits that it can offer to its users, which include –

  • Pain relief
  • Mood-lifting
  • Opiate addiction treatment
  • Energizing of body
  • Stimulation of our immune system

There are different strains and varieties of kratom, much like any other plant species. You may come across many different options, especially on websites such as Gold Leaf Botanicals, which sell a whole bunch of kratom products.

Some of the common categories include –

  • Enhanced strains
  • Super kratom
  • Premium quality of strains.
  • What exactly these enhanced kratom strains are?

These enhanced strains have multiplied effects:

Provide elevated results very quickly

Removes stress by remaining for extended period of time

These strains also have additional alkaloids which can improve and intensify the potencies and hence you need not consume very high doses.

How to make these enhanced kratom strains?

About 15 – 25 grams kratom leaves will be put into the boiling water till they become resin.

Allow the resin to cool and after that grind it later to convert into pure dust. Such dust is 15 times powerful than standard kratom strain.

What should be the correct dose?

Those who are consuming regular kratom strains and have shifted to enhanced strains of kratom, then they should never take regular doses. Because of high potency of the enhanced kratom, one should always take low doses.

What are the effects of these enhanced kratom strains?

The active alkaloids of regular kratom are:


7-hydroxy mitragynine

Both these communicate with brain’s receptors that is responsible for body’s mood regulation. Due to their presence, it will multiply the effects and affect your body quickly. Such process will provide cognitive boost and also increased energy.

Enhanced kratom of different kinds

Following are few most common enhanced kratom strains types available:

  • Ultra-enhanced Indo kratom
  • Enhanced Bali kratom
  • Enhanced Maeng-Da Kratom
  • Enhanced red horned Kratom.
  • They can offer increased vitality

Since enhanced kratom usually comes from resin and ground leaves, working compounds of substance can produce metabolic effect that leads to enhanced vitality.

Because of improved blood circulation, all throughout the body, these substances also accommodate more oxygen to cells, which metabolizes food substances for generating energy.

Enhanced kratom strains can be cost-effective

Since the process of producing enhanced kratom strains can be more comfortable, hence any user will end up cutting high cost of any standard and non-enhanced kratom powder.

Also, that is due to intensifying effects get produced by low dose stains. However, it is quite important to pick right extract to begin with.

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