Knowing Cannabis Concentrates: Comparing Nug Run and Trim Run

The cannabis industry is expanding at an unbelievable pace. From strains that contain high levels of THC and CBD, to concentrates, there is more for medical cannabis and recreational users to explore. Cannabis concentrates, true to the name, are designed to offer that premium experience. Most concentrates are designed to have extremely high levels of THC, so the ‘high’ is beyond what you can get with smokers. There are different methods used for making concentrates, such as nug run and trim run. In this post, we take a look at both.

The basics of trim run

For the uninitiated, trim run concentrates are made from leaves and other materials. Sugar leaves, for instance, contain a good amount of trichomes that are used for making trim run concentrates. Presence of trichomes just ensures that levels of terpenes and cannabinoids are high. Mostly, butane hash oil extraction method is used, which ensures none of the materials from cannabis plant goes to waste.

The basics of nug run

Coming to nug run concentrates, these are made from bud of cannabis flower. In other words, the leaves or other plant materials are not used, and buds already contain a good amount of both terpenes and THC. The extraction process may include using butane hash oil, but the actual difference lies in the material from which the concentrate is made.

Which one should you buy?

Since nug run concentrates use the buds of cannabis flower, many users believe that these are better than the trim run ones, but this is more of a personal choice. It is important to understand that the extraction process has a big role to play in the level of THC found in a concentrate. Many users do swear by nug run concentrates, primarily because of the flavor or aroma and flavor, due to presence of high level of terpenes. If you are a fan of enjoying the flavor and taste of a strain, go for concentrates such as live resin.

Final word

If you have to choose between two categories of cannabis concentrates, we recommend that you go for nug run concentrates, which offer a better experience. Also, ensure that you go for a dispensary that’s reliable and known, because the quality of a concentrate makes a big difference. The idea of using concentrates is to have the best possible experience with cannabis, and you wouldn’t want to save a few bucks on that. For the sake of knowing the difference, do give trim run concentrates a shot too.

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