Learning about CBDa: All you need to know!

If you are interested in hemp products, you are probably aware of CBD. There are all kinds of CBD products in the market, right from tinctures and edibles, to topicals and skincare products. For the uninitiated, CBD stands for cannabidiol, one of the numerous compounds found in hemp. So, what is CBDa? In this post, we are sharing the basic details.

What is CBDa?

CBDa stands for Cannabidiolic Acid, which is the acidic precursor of CBD. When you take a raw hemp flower and squeeze the same between your fingers, what you get is Cannabidiolic Acid. Industrial hemp contains very little of THC – the only compound that’s psychoactive in the plant. Cannabidiolic Acid is raw, so when hemp flowers are eventually processed, CBD is obtained. The processing is done through decarboxylation. CBDa is known to have many benefits, but if you need to get CBDa from hemp flowers directly, you will have to consume a drink or something like a juice, which would be extremely bitter. Thankfully, now we have options like CBDA tinctures by FluxxLab.

How are CBDa products made?

There is a process called “cryo-extraction”, which is used to keep the acidic nature of CBDa. Besides tinctures, cannabidiolic acid is available in various formats, including vaping products, tablets and even specific emulsions. Initial research with CBDa wasn’t that promising, but in recent times, it has been found in selected studies that CBDa may react with some neurotransmitter receptors, completely bypassing what’s called the ‘endocannabinoid’ system.

What makes CBDa worth the interest?

Well, at least some research indicates that CBDa is more bioavailable than CBD. This simply means that your body gets more of CBDa in the bloodstream, when compared to CBD products. When a particular compound or product is more bioavailable, it simply means that you need lesser or smaller doses of that to get the required benefits and effects. Note that CBDa is not psychoactive, just like CBD, which means that using CBDa tinctures or products will not produce a high.

Final word

While CBD products are popular and used extensively for therapeutic benefits, many users are now considering CBDa tinctures. If you have never tried CBDa, you may want to consider products from a big brand to know more on how this works for you. Never compromise on the hemp products that you buy, because that determines the eventual benefits. You can check online for more details on CBDa.

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