What is a Stairlift and How Can it Help Me?

You may have heard the term stairlift and are wondering what this refers to; a stairlift is a device that, when installed, takes you up or down the stairs of your home. Admittedly, early stairlifts were bulky, yet the latest generation are streamlined and blend with the surroundings, while there are safety features.

Customised Fabrication

Once you make contact with your local stairlift services in Lichfield, they would be happy to send an engineer to your home, where you can both sit down and discuss the many options; whether you wish to rent or buy, they have new and used stairlifts with top brands. The track is fabricated to perfectly fit the staircase, whether straight or curved and installation takes no longer than 3 hours.

Easy Access to the Second Floor

If you are finding it a challenge to climb your stairs, worry no longer; installing a stairlift automatically gives you access to your upstairs. A folding chair means the stairs can be used by other family members, while the battery automatically recharges, so the stairlift can be utilised at any time of day or might.

Heavy Duty Stairlifts

There are heavy duty stairlifts that support up to 25 stone, so if you are a large size person, you can be accommodated. Talk to a local stairlift supplier about renting or buying and they would be happy to answer any questions that you might have. If you would like a quote, the supplier can send an engineer to your home and after measuring the staircase, the expert can quote you an all-inclusive price.

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