Your Guide To Ice-Water Extracted Concentrates!

A lot has been written about cannabis concentrates in the last few years, and there is a wide range of products to choose from. Experienced medical cannabis users, however, swear by ice-water extracted concentrates, which are considered to be the best in this category. These are made using what is called “ice water extraction”, and the resultant concentrates are not merely potent, but also offer an incredible flavor profile.

How are these concentrates different?

The purpose of ice water extraction to retain the freshness and terpene profile of the strain. The best known in this category is called melt, or resin. Fresh cannabis is grown under strict supervision, and flash frozen for over 24 hours, to retain the flavors and freshness. Next, the cannabis is placed in “ice water extraction unit”, to get the trichomes. The cannabis then filtered, and what you get is possibly one of the best concentrates you will ever find. In other words, the extraction process is such that the potency of strain is retained.

No other cannabis product in the market can beat ice-water extracted concentrates in terms of cannabinoid profile.

Trying ice-water extracted concentrates

Much like other concentrates, ice-water extracted concentrates are also consumed through the standard process of dabbing. You need to buy a dab rig for this, which is available at most licensed dispensaries. The good news is you don’t need a lot of ice-water extracted concentrates to experience the flavor or effect. Since the cannabinoid profile is extremely high, and the terpenes have been retained, these concentrates are super potent and should be used in small quantities.

Buying concentrates

When it comes to buying ice-water extracted concentrates, or other cannabis products like shatter and THC tinctures, we recommend that you select a dispensary that has a wider collection. Ask their budtenders what they would recommend for your condition, or the benefits you seek. Keep in mind that concentrates are available for medical cannabis users, but must be used with care. You can also buy a limited amount of any concentrate in one purchase.

In conclusion

In recent times, experts have been surprised how effectively ice-water extracted concentrates work, and this is the precise reason why these concentrates are in great demand. Owning to the nature of extraction and the accuracy required, these products are also expensive, but we can promise that the price is worth paying. You can check online for dispensaries near you to know more on concentrates.

Alan Molly
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